Green Energy - Our expertise, Your prosperity, Your Health

Green Energy - Our expertise, Your prosperity, Your Health

About Us

Holcomb Scientific Research Ltd. The Future of Energy on Planet Earth


We are an Ireland-based research and development company with a highly impactful and disruptive new clean energy technology.

Over 12 years in development, this technology is point of use, uses no fuel, puts out zero emissions and is entirely solid-state - no moving parts. It is scalable in every application in which electricity is needed and operates at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels. Our market, quite literally, is everywhere.

Our technology eliminates the need for centrally generated power plants and instead places energy production right where it is being used - in homes, commercial buildings, transportation, consumer electronics and along the grid.

Our patent lawyers, who are very experienced in the energy field stated :

"...this is the most important patent in energy technology we have ever seen...”




New Industry Standard in Electrical Energy Generation


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